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Nine Songs
Nine Songs
Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan (Taipei)
Choreographer Lin Hwai-min
Music Indigenous Music Of Taiwan, Traditional Music Of Asia
Percussion score Ju Percussion Group
Set Design Ming Cho Lee
Lighting Lin Keh-hua
Costume Design Lin Hwai-min, Lo Ruey-chi
The two-hour piece is both poetic in its meditative beauty and occasionally exasperating in its very richness… an eye-filling and thought-provoking spectacle.
The New York Times
The biggest surprise to us is, however, how successfully Lin Hwai-min and his ensemble have harmoniously blended Oriental and Occidental forms of artistic expression. Nine Songs is a perfect example of how, without losing one’s ethnic roots, Orient and Occident can be combined – almost like a Utopian prediction of East and West finally brought together.
Stuttgarter Zeitung
One of the most important dance works of our time. Endowed with a strange beauty, it still has a touch of familiarity and will fascinate everyone who is willing to open up to a world of unusual pictures and body language…. audience celebrated the ensemble with overwhelming ovations.
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

June 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Tereza Durova’s Teatrium na Serpukhovke
2 h with intermission