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Noodles, White Darkness

Noodles, White Darkness
Noodles, White Darkness
National Dance Theatre (Madrid, Spain)
Choreography Philippe Blanchard
Original Music Philippe Boix-Vives
Sets Arik Levy
Costumes Maline Casta
Lighting Design Peder Lindbom
Artistic Assistant Sandra Medina, Peter Gardiner, Niklas Stureberg
Choreography Nacho Duato
Music Karl Jenkins (adiemus Variations, String Quartet №2)
Sets Jaffar Chalabi
Costumes Lourdes Frías
Lighting Design Joop Caboort

First night – November, 11, 2010, Madrid

First night – November, 16, 2001, Madrid

I always wished to work on a subject that could become a quintessence of the production. This time I shall try to concentrate on the four notions that would lead me to the single essence that belongs to our collective subconscious and that is the meeting point of power, violence, gravity and zero gravity, levitation, popular dance and Francis Bacon’s poetry.
About NOODLES, Philippe Blachard, September 2010
This Nacho Duato’s staging for the National Dance Theatre organically fits into his creative concept of the last years. The use of the choreographic instrumentality combined with profound insight into the musical score enables the choreographer to enrich his imagery by putting special emphasis on the dance skills of his performers.
July 19, 20, 21, 22, 23
Mossovet Theatre
50 min / 25 min