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Playing Cards I: SPADES

Playing Cards I: SPADES
Playing Cards I: SPADES
Ex Machina (Quebec, Canada)
Text Sylvio Arriola, Carole Faisant, Nuria Garcia, Tony Guilfoyle, Martin Haberstroh, Robert Lepage, Sophie Martin, Roberto Mori
Director Robert Lepage
Dramaturgy Peder Bjurman
Director Assistant Félix Dagenais
Original music composed and performed Philippe Bachman
Set Designer Jean Hazel
Lighting Designer Louis-Xavier Gagnon-Lebrun
Sound Designer Jean-Sébastien Côté
Costume Designer Sébastien Dionne
Video Manager David Leclerc

Presented in English, French and Spanish with Russian subtitles

Some theatre artists look at a stage and see limitations. Robert Lepage sees possibilities. And it is through the realization of those possibilities that he has become the Christopher Columbus of modern theatre, bringing life to rich new worlds of theatrical imagination. <…> In SPADES, the artist who has done so much to stretch the limits of the conventional proscenium abandons it, opting instead, for a work staged completely in the round, cocooned in a space-age sort of pod that proves to be a theatrical top hat from which he pulls a never-ending stream of tricks.
They are all, however, tricks that serve a purpose, as Lepage and his six-member cast spin out a series of interconnected tales, set in Las Vegas in 2003, in at world teetering on the edge of an American invasion of Ira.
John Coulbourn, «Toronto sun», August 17, 2012

June 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30
Nikulin’s Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard
2 h 30 min without intermission