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Playing the victim

Director Kirill Serebrennikov
Set design Nikolai Simonov
Costume Design Evgenia Panfilova
Plasticity of Movement Alexander Konnikova. Albert Albert
Musical director Vladimir Pankov
Light Damir Ismagilov
Assistant Lighting Alexei Luchin
Chorus Master Sergei Rodiukov
Assistant Director Liubov Zabolonskava
Cast Peter Kislov. Vitali Kliaev. Sergei Medvedev. Oleg Mazurov. Nikita Panfilov. Marina Golub. Julia Chebakova. Natalia Bochkareva. Alexander Fisenko (actor of the Thbakov Theatre). Igor Zolotovitskv. Alla Pokrovskaya. Iya Savina. Tatiana Pavlova. Natalia Turiyanskaya
The emergence of 'new drama' is connected with the renewal of language... and probably with the fact that there are new people who speak a different language ... These people have a different purpose of life. These new social types and other characters... have entered the stage and their voice is that of young and angry people. The Presniakov Brothers may be called classics of ‘new drama.
Kirill Serebrennikov. Iskusstvo kino
Could the Presniakov Brothers, who have ...for a long time passed as the leaders of modem dramatic ideas and words, ignore such a seminal play as Shakespeare's Hamlet, shifting it into the reality of the present? the roots of the 21st century the Presniakov Brothers have 'given birth' to one more boy with the simple name Valka, who understands, less with his brain than his senses, that the 'link of time is out of joint'. A boy so terrified of life that he exists in the constant rehearsal of death, playing a victim in experimental crime investigation...
... The Presniakovs do not force the spectator to ponder about allusions in the story, but together with the director Kirill Serebrennikov they impudently point the audience right at the source.

June 17
Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre