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Prince Vitautas

Prince Vitautas
Prince Vitautas
Directed: By Valery Rayevsky
Designed: By Boris Gerlavan
Music: By Victor Kopytko
Choreography: By Marina Dudareva
Assistant directors: Dmitry Marinin, Dmitry Solodukho
Cast: Gennady Davydko (Vitautas), Alexander Gartsuevand Nikolai Kirichenko (Jagiello), Valentin Belokhvostik (Keistut), Oleg Garbuz and Vitaly Makarevich (Kudash), Valery Filatov and Sergei Kravchenko (Domash)

The Janka Kupala Theatre is the oldest theatre in Belorussia. It was formed in 1920 by the leading figures of the national theatrical art, who laid the foundations of a predominantly realistic school, which has since been associated with the Janka Kupala Theatre. Its current Artistic Director is Valery Rayevsky, who has headed the company for the past few years. He does not only maintain and continue the traditions of his teachers and predecessors, but also tries to enrich them by drawing on the theatrical aesthetics of today. This is evident from some of the productions staged by Rayevsky at his theatre: Shakespeare's The Tempest, Gogol's The Inspector-General, A. Makayonok's Tribunal, F.Durrenmatt's Romulus the Great and A.Dudarev's The Ranks. His production of Prince Vitautas was a truly remarkable event of the national theatrical scene.

Valery Rayevsky is one of the most experi­enced and most talented theatre directors in Belorussia. His productions of A.Krapiva’s The Gates of Immortality, V.Bykov's The Last Chance, I.Drutse's Sancta Sanctorum, Characters by V.Shukshin and other plays have won the recognition of both the public and the press. In 1988 Rayevsky was awarded the State Prize of the USSR for his production of The Ranks by Dudarev, and in 1987 - the State Prize of Belorussia for the production of Matukovsky's play. Rayevsky has collaborated, as a visiting director, with various theatre companies in Moscow, St.Petersburg, Kiev, Tallinn, Northern Ireland, Poland and Yugoslavia. Valery Rayevsky is a professor of the Belorussian Academy of Arts, and many of his pupils over the years have joined the Janka Kupala company.

20 May
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