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Prometheus Bound

Prometheus Bound
Prometheus Bound

Theatre created by Theodoras Terzopoulos on August of 1985. Among basic performances of the theatre _ Bacchae by Euripides, Medea Material by Heiner Muller, Quartet by Heiner Muller, Persians by Aeschylus, Canon by Vassilis Vasikehagioglou, Prometheus Bound by Aeschylus.

Theatre Attis took part in many theatre festivals all over the world. The most recent production of Attis is Hercules by Heiner Muller (1997).

Theodorus Terzopoulos was born in Makrigialos, Greece. He studied at Drama School of K. Michailidis (1965-1967) and also in Berliner Ensemble (1972—1976) as assistant of Ruth Berghaus, Benno Benson and Heiner Muller. From 1985 to 1986 he was Artistic Director of the International Meeting of Ancient Greek Drama organized by European Cultural Centre of Delphi. Since 1993 he works as a president of the International Committee of Theatre Olympics. In 1995 he was the artistic director of the Theatre Olympics in Delphi. Since 1990 he has been founding member of the International Institute of Mediterranean Theatres.

In Terzopoulos' theatre, myth is not a fairy­tale, but a compressed, thickened experience, the rehearsal process is not the execution of dramaturgy, but an adventure in the journey to the landscape of remembrance, a search for the lost keys to the unity of body and text, to the word as a physical entity.
Heiner Muller

22, 23 May
Taganka Theatre