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Psychosis 4.48
Psychosis 4.48
Directed: By Suren Shakhverdian
Set Design: Armine Melikian
Music Design: Ani Gevorkian
Scenic movement: Irina Papikian
Cast: Lusise Kostanian, Lili Aramian, Ani Petrosian, Julia Fink. Mardzhik Avetisian, Thimine Kliachatrian, Artur Sukiasian. Narek Aikazian, Ermine Stepanian

Not long ago the youth experimental studio was established at the Sundukian National Theatre, where directors and actors of a new generation, recent graduates, and students of the Yerevan Institute of Theatre and Cinema, can Iry their muscles. Among their productions is Psychosis 4.48, based on Sarah Kane and directed by Suren Shakhverdian: it is the result of a young director’s work with actors of his general ion. This play was the last to be written by the hand of Sarah Kane, the representative of a new wave in British literature and drama. In 1999, at the age of 28, she committed suicide by hanging herself in the bath of a London hospital. The shadow of the fate of suicide accompanies Psychosis 4.48, a monologic text whose heroine too ends her life by suicide.

Here is how the director formulates his task: “Our spectator is used to infinite comedies, farces, cheap politicized sketches. It is sad to realize this, but I am sure that after viewing Psychosis the public will not remain indifferent. The main reason that drove my choice of this play is the disagreement with such a world, with such a life, such a society in which man lives today. The heroine takes her own life in a hospital, but this is not the act of a lunatic. It is the act of a revolutionary who tried to change something in this world." Suren Shakhverdian allocated the heroine's monologue to six expressive female voices. This chorus merges into unison to create

June 11
Theatre "Na Strastnom"