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Renate Keerd

Pure Mind / Bite Me

Nii Company and New Theatre Tartu (Estonia)

Pure Mind / Bite Me
Pure Mind / Bite Me
Author, director, set and musical designer Renate Keerd
Performed by Nii Company troupe Liisa Tetsmann, Taavi Rei, Maarja Roolaht, Gerda-Anette Allikas, Imre Ounapuu
Everything is possible. In accordance to Renate Keerd’s creative process she will not give the audience any complex philosophical thoughts or integral main themes prior to the performance. She feels that the audience does not need crutches to cany themselves into the performance -the word pair ‘PURE MIND’ (in Estonian “pure mind” means “bite me”) with its ambiguousness is the only clue in inviting people to discover the performance. As long as the audience comes with pure mind and ready to chew or be chewed up themselves.
Nii Company
Renate Keerd’s PURE MIND/ BITE ME is a take-no-prisoners type of artwork that uncompromisingly empties the magazine into the audience. Keerd’s playfully provocative production abandons most conventional mechanisms of meaning creation and popular concepts associated with theatre. Furthermore, it deserves special attention and praise for doing away with all ties to literature and literary tendencies that have traditionally been the only conceivable base for any theatrical action for centuries. A production to grace the stage of any theatre festival and (why not) that of a rock concert.
Sirp - Estonian Cultural Weekly

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June 6,7
Theatre of Nations (Small Stage)
1 h 40 minutes without intermission