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Quiet Rustling of Leaving Steps
Dmitry Bogoslavsky

Quiet Rustling of Leaving Steps

Sleep in two acts

Quiet Rustling of Leaving Steps
Quiet Rustling of Leaving Steps
Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus, 
The Republican Theatre of Belarusian Drama, International Confederation of Theatre Associations 
(Russia – Belarus – Kyrgyzstan)
Director Shamil Dyikanbaev (Kyrgyzstan)
Set Design and Costumes Aliona Igrusha
Lighting designer Nikolai Surkov
Music Constantin Yaskov
Curators Ekaterina Cheremina (Russia), Alexander Marchenko (Belarus)

Presented in Belorussian with Russian subtitles

The project was initiated by the Belorussian Drama Center with support of the International Confederation of Theatre Associations. It was the first repertory theatre in Belorussia to stage a play by Dmitri Bogoslavsky (…) The scale and the powerful message of “The Quiet Rustle of Departing Steps” seem to be no inferior to Chekhov’s “The Cherry Orchard”: it’s the same profound melancholy and the same careful attitude toward the inner worlds of the characters (…) The director doesn’t try to stand above the drama but rather gives volume to the entire text. The quiet intonation of the play echoes the title “The Quiet Rustle of Departing Steps”. It provides a harmonious blending of the scenic and dramatic texts, revealing the qualities of man in the art and vice versa.
A multitude of ideas and variations. The scenes with dreams, journeys through the dark alleys of one of the character’s memory (…) Not a simple story about what really matters. The family, the home-country, the life, the death, the uncertainty and the endless quests seeking the answers…

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May 24, 25
Mossovet Theatre, Stage under the Roof
2 hour 5 minutes