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La Compagnie du Hanneton (Paris, France)
Directed, designed and performed James Thiérrée
Costumes and “bestiare” (Animal Design)/ Making
Victoria Thiérrée-Chaplin
Sound Thomas Delot
Lighting Jérôme Sabre
With participation  Mehdi Duman 
This time he (James Thiérrée) is virtually alone on stage. And there are also the sails and pieces of tree branches scattered across the desert. What has happened here? A hurricane? A flood? Is it the Doomsday? Then he, The Personage, shows up. James says about him: ‘Raul is a theatrical personage in the noblest sense of the word, precisely the kind of personage I always wanted to devise.<…> He impersonates and represents everyone – himself and everybody and everybody in himself. The audience, like children, are watching him with opened mouths…
Raul opens Pandora’s box releasing beautiful and grotesque visions, unidentifiable multilimbed creatures, bizarre waxwork fishes, a majestic elephant and his own self – James Thiérrée <…> who treads the non-existing earth and keeps pulling the invisible thread stretched between out-of-the-way worlds and our eyes.
Brigitte Ernandes, Le Point, September 15, 2009

May 19, 20, 21, 23, 24, 25
Mossovet Theatre
1 h 30 min without intermission