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Rehearsal. Hamlet

Rehearsal. Hamlet
Rehearsal. Hamlet
Director: Enrique Diaz
Set Design: Marcos Chaves. Cesar Augusto
Costumes: Marcelo Olinto
Cast: Bel Garcia, Felipe Rocha, Fernando Eiras, Susana Ribeiro, Marcelo Olinto

The troupe of actors 'Cia dos Atores' has appeared in 1988. During fifteen years of continuous activity the group has become, maybe, the most skilled in Rio de Janeiro. The core of the group has remained unchanged during these fifteen years. In their work the Company of Actors' attaches great importance to a constant search for new expressive means: to this end the group uses its own works as well as plays of the world repertoire. During the years of its existence the company has managed to develop a unique style, using the traditions of Brazilian culture. The troupe has produced shows in the two largest theatres of Rio de Janeiro, and represented the city at Brazilian and international festivals. Working on this theatrical masterpiece, the troupe of actors “Cia dos Atores” was inspired by those principles that have guided the collective during the fifteen years of its existence: the author becomes a contemporary, a comrade on stage, and the problems of the play are transferred into the present, paying due respect to the contemporary Brazilian audience. The play affirms the force of the influence of theatre (a major theme in Shakespeare) and at the same time it is a place of entertainment and reflection, of indulgence and heightened drama, of spectators’ and catharsis.

July 11,12,13
Meyerhold Centre