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By Eugène Ionesco


Théâtre de la Ville (Paris, France)
Director Emmanuel Demarcy-Mota
Assistant director Christophe Lemaire
Artistic collaboration François Regnault
Set design and lighting Yves Collet
Light In Collaboration With Nicolas Bats
Music Jefferson Lembeye
Costumes Corinne Baudelot
Movement Marion Lévy
Dramaturgy Marie-Amélie Robilliard

Presented in French with Russian subtitles

Emmanuel Demarсy-Mota should be credited precisely for a fresh look at ‘The Rhinoceros’. He can read. He is not afraid. He is the leader and others are inclined to follow him. Demarcy- Mota stands out for incredible clarity of mind which manifests itself not only in the understanding of the text but also in the ability to control his actors on stage. This gift becomes materialized in the harmony of the movements. What one sees is more than just a performance of dancers. The grace and elegance of choreography and acrobatics is matched by the dramatic tensions. This staging is a perfect mix of poetry and burlesque.
Le Figaro
Emmanuel Demarcy-Mota’s production is a real masterpiece. The play is by no means a simple one but the director’s talent makes it perfectly clear. The performance runs with incredible smoothness. The director’s great accomplishment is that even the subtlest shades of meaning reach the viewers. Demarcy-Mota established the magic link between the stage action and the audience.
Le Monde

June 15, 16
Pushkin Theatre
1 h 45 min without intermission