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Cast Maxim Averin, Konstantin Raikin, Agrippina Steklova, Natalia Vdovina, Denis Sukhanov, Timofei Tribuntsev, Yakov Lomkin, Andrei Oganian, Artem Osipov, Konstantin Tretiakov, Sergei Kuzkin, Artem Chilek, Igor Gudeev

Yuri Butusov bom in 1961. In 1996 he graduated from the Petersburg Theatre Institute SPATI (LGITMiK), course ofV. Filshtinsky. He worked at theatres in Moscow and St. Petersburg and directed: S. Beckett's 'Waiting for Godot' at the Theatre “On Kriukov Canal ". G. Buchner's Woyzeck'. A. Camus's 'Caligula1. V. Mayakovsky’s 'The Bedbug'. V. Myslivsky's 'The Thief. A. Vampilov's 'The Elder Son', all at the Lensovet Theatre. H. Pinter's 'The Caretaker' at the Liteiny Theatre. A. Sukhovo- Kobylin's Tarelkin's Death' with TeatroN, Ionesco’s Macbett' and Shakespeare's Richard НГ at the Satirikon Theatre, and 'Sunday. Super by the Presniakov Brothers (based on L. Tolstoy) at the Tabakov Theatre. He directed productions in Poland. Korea, and Norway. He teaches at SPATI. He is the winner of the "Golden Mask", the award “Petropol". the “Golden Spotlight", and the Stanislavsky Award.

Butusov and Raikin are not interested in evil itself, but in its sources. The reason why the unfortunate boy Richard, offended by nature, became a serial killer. And these words, familiar from criminal chronicles, have not come up accidentally: in the Satirikon's production everything is modem: George Ben's new translation (combined with Alexander Druzhinin’s translation), causing a lively reaction from the audience. The scenic means and the attitude to the problem are ironically estranged. Richard is called a tragicomedy, and it is played like a guignole: manly-temperamental and passionate. Duke Beckingham, for example, is played by Denis Sukhanov in an exemplary manner...

Satirikon Theatre (named after Arkadi Raikin)
June 1, 9, 14