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by Vasily Zhukovsky

Rustam and Suhrab

Theatrical legend based on "Shakh-Nama" by Abdool Kasim Firdousee

Rustam and Suhrab
Rustam and Suhrab
Mayakovsky State Drama Theatre (Dushanbe, Tadjikistan)
Direction and Scenography Sulton Usmanov
Costume designer Nina Panova
Performers Dmitry Murzinov, Khurshed Mustafaev, Mavlona Nachmudinova, Firuza Rakhmanova, 
Radjab Khuseynov, Shukhrat Rakhmatullaev, Sobir Kurboni, Sukhrob Lukmanov, 
Sukhrob Djandjolov, Abdumumin Sharipov, Sukhrob Usmanov
…The scarcely designed sets (director and set designer S. Usmanov) perfectly suffice to convey the dramatic tensions that pertain the tragic events in the medieval Oriental epic. The actors are positioned outside the stage circle and enter the action as may be necessary. Basically the production is styled in the tradition of the folk theatre, where characters are portrayed with bold and intense strokes and emotional tensions reach the top pitch. Like an ancient fortress the tragedy is built out of huge slabs of stone and the subtle and refined psychological nuances give way to sharp, nearly poster-like pictorial style. An almost magic effect is produced by the ethnic tunes that accompany the spectacular and swiftly alternating mise-en-scenes…
Kazakhstanskaya Pravda
The directorial style of this production is absolutely captivating in its precise inventiveness. Everything is in the right place; the scenes are not hanging loose but are firmly ground up. The variegated ropes function almost like actors, effectively representing the physical milieu. This ancient legend could have been staged as a simple scenic illustration that doesn’t touch the hearts of the audience. While the sacred wisdom remains intact the director brings up some pressing present-day issues that are found in the olden story and impel one to think of the things that are happening in the world of today.
Oleg Lee, Chief Director of the Republican Korean Theatre, Kazakhstan
June 17, 18, 19
The Meyerhold Centre