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Side В
Side В
Choreography Ikuyo Kuroda
Sound Keiko Sato
Costume Design Kazuko Goto
Light Noriyuki Mori
Cast Minako Ueki, Maki Odawara, Loe Shiina, Yukiko Doi, Rikako Hanai, Ikuyo Kuroda

Ikuyo Kuroda was bom in 1976, studied in classical ballet with Momoko Tani, and then at the Laban Centre in Great Britain. After returning to Japan she was among those whose debut became a special event: her program won a prize at the International Dance Festival (Rencontres Choreographiques Internationales) in Seine-Saint-Denis.

Outstanding is the word for I. Kuroda's choreographic production 'SIDE B', in which due to a fine understand of beauty simplicity is combined with a daring concept. The work is distinguished by quite good choreography (given that the production is I. Kuroda's first work). Apart from that it creates the impression of a game of colors: it seems that on the black background of the stage the black costumes of the dancers would be lost, but on the contrary, they gleam beautifully in step with the movements. The graceful ending causes a rare sensation of satisfaction
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may 23, 24, 25
School of Dramatic Art