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Six characters in search of an author
Luigi Pirandello

Six characters in search of an author

Théâtre de la Ville (France)

Six characters in search of an author
Six characters in search of an author
Presented in French with Russian subtitles

Translation and adaptation By Franpois Regnault
Directed By Emmanuel Demarcy Mota
Assistant Director Christophe Lemaire
Set and Lighting design Yves Collet
Music Jefferson Lembeye
Costumes Corinne Baudelot
Make up Catherine Nicolas
Set made By Espace Et Compagnie
Performers Hugues Quester, Alain Libolt, Valerie Dashwood, Sarah Karbasnikoff, Stephane Krahenbuhl, Walter N'Guyen, Celine Carrere, Charles-Roger Bour, Philippe Demarle, Sandra Faure, СаёИе Guillou, Gerald Maillet, Pascal Vuillemot, Jauris Casanova, Alice Demarcy. With the actors of Theatre de la Ville
All the theatre conventions - lights and shades, machinery, slapstick comedy, theatre of imagination, all this dizzying kaleidoscope of scenes - are reflected in this performance like in a labyrinth of mirrors. The director’s work is striking. The performance is weaved out of elegant effects, powerful images, expressive gesticulation. Also striking is how the director uses the entire acting space. This is a dream theatre created right in front of us, where form and content become one. It is a true theatrical firework.
Les Echos
I believe this is precisely the play that marked the transition to the contemporary theatre in Europe. It is a momentous play as evidenced by the scandal that broke out as a result of its staging in Rome in 1921. This play is a tribute to theatre and at the same time it lays bare the profound conflict that exists between this form of art and the reality.
Emmanuel Demarcy-Mota
Brilliant! An astoundingly beautiful staging (...) Yves Collet’s sets and lights, Jefferson Lentbeye’s music, the costumes and make-ups - everything is stunning in this production. The spectators are keenly listening to every word spoken on stage and the actors’ voices unamplified by microphones sound lightly and clearly. The amazing sound tones create a polyphony. In the meantime, not a single sigh, a meaningful gesture or a word are lost. The combination of the unique directorial style, expressive physical presence and brilliant acting make the performance undated and highly imaginative. We are directly faced with the magic of theatre and the most complex ambivalence the human mind.
Le Figaro

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June 1,2
Pushkin Theatre
1 h 50 min without intermission