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Sliding Luce
Sliding Luce
Set Design Maxim Obrezkov
Choreography Ekaterina Kislova
Light Design Andrei Shepelev
Sound Nikolai Klishev, Vladimir Kudriavtsev
Light Alexei Naumov, Leonid Shirokov
Music Pan Quartet
Assistant Director Natalia Zholobova
Cast Vladimir Pankov, Anna Kapaleva, Natalia Moteva, Nikolai Shatokhin, Olga Lapshina. Natalia Batrak. Liudmila Khalilullina, Inga Smetanina, Dmitri Mukhamadeev, Irina Bogdanova

Vladimir Skvortsov graduated fr om the Moscow Art Theatre School in 1995 (course of A. Pokrovsky). In the same year he joined the troupe of the Theatre "Et Cetera” under Alexander Kaliagin, wh ere he appears in Moliere's A Doctor in Spite of Himself, Ostrovsky’s One Old Friend is Better than To Ones', Milne’s 'Secret of Auntie Malkin', Shakespeare's 'Shylock' ('The Merchant of Venice), 'My Fair Lady', the musical based on motives ofB. Shaw’s Pygmalion', J. Feydeau’s Luciette Gauthier, or Shoot Now', Tarelkin’s Death' by A. Sukhovo-Kobylin. He participates in performances at the Stanislavsky Drama Theatre directed by V. Mirzoev: Gogol's Khlestakov, Shakespeare’s 'The Taming of the Shrew' and 'Twelfth Night'. He played the role of Guenther in V. Sorokin's 'Hochzeitsreise', produced by the Theatre Group PraktikA. He acts in numerous productions of the Centre for Drama and Directing directed by O. Subbotina and M. Ugarov: Baron Grimm ('A Venetian Night' by A. de Musset), Chairman of a collective farm, Prince ('Sensation of a Beard' by K. Dragunskaya), roles in Moscow - Open City and the Presniakov Brothers’ 'Set-2', Ilya Oblomov (OblomOff by M. Ugarov), the Lame ('Transfer' by M. Kurochkin), Igor Igorevich ( Floor Boards' by the Presniakov Brothers). As director he debuted at the Centre for Drama and Directing with the production of L. S. Chemiauskaite's Sliding-Luce (2004).

Different types of human relations: low and raised impulses, passions and tenderness, breaks and family quarrels, casual sex and casual meetings: from all this develops not a play, but rather an airy dramaturgic impression.

June 9, 10
Center of Drama and Directing under the direction of Alexei Kazantsev and Michael Roshchin