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Gruejarm Productions (South Korea)
Art Director and Executive Producer – Casa Kim
Performers: Ted Kim, Young-min Kim, Young-Ju Kim, Chang-Min Lee, Yeong-Min Lee, MuJun Jeong, C.S. Choi

SNAP is the Contemporary Magical Mystery Performance. It is a wild mix of illusion, mime and media featuring an eclectic ensemble of South Korean artists who will boggle your mind with their impressive powers of prestidigitation. The terrifically talented company, which formed in 2010, brings together Korea’s most illustrious illusionists to produce unbelievable productions and make some seriously funny magic.
When three tricksters with strange and unusual abilities stumble through a mysterious door, they meet a variety of mystical characters to play with space, time and the otherworldly. Mixing dexterous sleight of hand, Chaplin-esque vaudevillian comedy and ingenious visual effects, SNAP conjures a marvellous, magical cabaret perfect for the whole family.

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December 23, 24, 25 (13.00, 19.00), 26 (13.00, 19.00)
Community of Taganka Actors
1 hour 10 min, without intermission