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Sodom and Gomorrah XXI

A plastic show in the style of progressive rock

Sodom and Gomorrah XXI
Sodom and Gomorrah XXI
Director Nabi Abdurakhmanov
Libretto Djalol Yusupov
Composer Albert Khalmurzaev
Balletmaster Malika Iskandarova
Set Design Natalia Evdokimova. Luiza Suleimanova. Oibek Kaurnov
Cast: Bobur Yuldashev. Vassa Vasilieva. Vera Vladimirova. Anvar Kartaev. Azat Bekmuratov. Bakhtior Ergashev, Dmitri Stepanenko. Dilshod Sheraliev. Anna Trenina, Nargiza Shamsutdinova, Anastasia Klassina. Elena Burova, Luisa Shamsutdinova. Alisher Artybekov, Alexei Kondratenko. Vladimir Porozhnikh. Alexander Tsoi. Leila Seid-Ogli. Albina Kichaeva, Julia Bektasheva. Anna Marusina, Anna Sterliugina. Guzal Suleimanova. Elena Vodolazkina
Music performed By Fromuz
Musicians Vladimir Badvrov. Andrei Mara-Novik. Vitali Popelov. Evgeni Popelov. Albert Khalmurzaev

Nabi Abdurakhmanov was born in 1958. He is one of the best-known and original directors of the modern Uzbek stage. His first production 'Sacred and Guilty' by M. Vorfolomeev in 1980 was at the theatre 'Yosh Gvardiya'. During the eight years that he worked at this theatre Abdurakhmanov directed 24 productions, among them Price of Gold' by A. Mukhtar. based on the traditions of national street theatre. In 1988 he created the Theatre-Studio 'Dard'. which existed for three years. In 1991 Nabi headed the Youth Theatre of Uzbekistan (formerly Tashkent State Russian Theatre of the Young Spectator) and in a very short time managed to move up to the league of leading theatres in Uzbekistan.

In these years Nabi Abdurakhmanov directed many productions, which received awards and prizes at national and international festivals and attracted the attention of the public and critics. Among his successes are such productions as Moliere's A Doctor in Spite of Himself. The Fiddler on the Roof, based on the story of Sholom-Aleichem 'Tevye the Milkman'. 'The Constellation' of Omar Khayam based on Timur Zulfikarov's poem. The Little Match Girl by H.-C. Andersen, 'Strider' based on Tolstoy’s story, and Gozzi’s ' Princess Thrandot'. He has directed a number of productions at the Theatre School BeitTzvi (Israel).

At present Abdurakhmanov is organizing an international project: the production of Sharora Dancer', based on the works of Timur Zulfikarov, brings together creative figures from five countries: Great Britain, Germany, Russia, Israel and Uzbekistan. He is honored artist of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Through tire bible story about the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah t lie production conducts a conversation about the present, about one of the catastrophes of the modern world: drug addiction. A catastrophe that only man himself can turn away.

The event described in the Bible is transferred into the 21st century. Lot. the main hero of the old testament parable in the Youth Theatre’s version, is a talented rock musician, who is capable of entertaining a crowd of admirers in a music-inspired world. Lucifer and his retinue seduce these young people by means of a special sort of pleasure: drugs. The characters on Lucifer’s side personify well-known rock musicians, idols of the past, who died an untimely death from drug abuse. Lot tries to resist and to fight for his beloved, whom Lucifer also takes away from him. The angels, heaven's envoys, help Lot. But ultimately everyone has to make his own, personal choice. Having lost their personal will, people lose their lives. Lot is compelled to leave the town, which becomes covered by the Anger of the Heavens.

June 19,20
Pushkin Theatre