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by Catrine Poer

Та Ti Ting

Та Ti Ting
Та Ti Ting
Author and Artistic Direction Catrine Poer
Director Paolo Cardona
Set Design Paolo Cardona, Catrine Poer
Choreography Jacob Hor Andersen
Light Design Jesper Konshog
Costume Design Tove Bornhoft, Catrine Poer, Tora Winter
Cast Inge Danu, Jakob Hor Andersen, Vollmer Koistensen, Tove Bornhoft, Joachim Eggert, Kim Molenfeldt

Catrine Poerwas bom in Paris in 1953. In 1976 she received the diploma of architecture. She moved to Denmark and until 980 worked with Kirsten Delholm at the theatre in Bildstof. In 1980 she created the children’s theatre ‘Bjorne Teatret'. Since 1991 she works in Denmark and France as independent author, director and set designer. She cooperated with the theatre ‘Rio Rose' on the shows: 'Bend Lower’, 'Behind the Blue Mountain’, ‘Drunk, Drunk', 'Himmelstern’, ‘Haiku’, ‘You See Me', 'Та Ti Ting’ etc. She also worked at other theatres, such as 'Theatre', 'Group 38’, 'Corona Dance Theatre’. She is the winner of various theatrical and international prizes for her work in theatre and the fine arts.

The new performance of the theatre 'Rio Rose' is a real hit. One small episode of high art follows another, and from every one of them trickles a streamlet of human life. The abstract, advanced, show is at the same time a profound children's show in the positive sense of this word. As if by magic, with the help of humour, movement, silence and music, pleasant and versatile actors, who work openly and organically, transform intimate existential questions of life into essential questions. Life, death, famine, desire to live, flight, dreams, games, competition, loneliness, selfesteem. The performance confirms that between earth and sky there is something much larger
Aarhus Stiftsidente

june 14, 15, 16
Chekhov Moscow Arts Theatre (small stage)