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A Circus Show For 4 Acrobates

Compagnie Les Mains, les Pieds et la Tête aussi (France)
Concept Mathurin Bolze
Music Akosh S.
Scenography Goury
Lights Christian Dubet
Technical Director, Sound Jerome Fevre
Lighting Operators Jeremie Cusenier
Stage Manager Ollivier Philippo
Costumes Myriam Remoissenet
Tour Administrators Colin Diederichs, Julie Grange
Performers Mathurin Bolze, Marie Anne Michel, Abdeliazide Senhadji, Denis Dulon

Thanks to Martine Cendre (Collaboration artistique)

Coproducers: Compagnie les mains, les pieds et la tete aussi, Centre des arts du cirque de Basse Normandie, Fondazione Musica Per Roma, Le Pole Cirque Cevennes et Languedoc-Roussillon: La Verrerie d'Ales/Fabrique de cirque et le Cratere/Scene Nationale d'Ales, Centre Culturel Agora - scene conventionnee de Boulazac, La Comedie de Bethune

Assistance in production: Les Nouvelles Subsistances - Laboratoire de creation artistique, Scene national de Senart, La Ferme du Buisson - scene nationale de Marne la Vallee

With support of: Ministere de la Culture et de la Communication /DMDTS/ DRAC Rhone-Alpes, LA REGION Rhone-Alpes, ADAMI, SPEDIDAM

Not recommended for children under 8

Mathurin Bolze conquered gravity and created the production that soars in the air. This is a vivid example of airy and enchanting circus.
Someone said “we’re all standing knee-deep in mud, but some manage to see the stars”. Mathurin Bolze no doubt is one of those whose dreams crave for heaven. The virtuoso acrobat used his superb craftsmanship to create the image of the world, torn apart by machines. This world is written down in the words of ex-prisoners of concentration camps and the writers of the deportation. It is the question of the hellish machines that must either be resisted or run away from.
In this production all the characters choose the aerial route of escape. The tensions, the filigree acrobatics, the dance, the aerial gymnastics, the weightlessness release the man from the blackness of the world. Gold-diggers turn mud into gold, and Mathuren Bolze gives wings to gravity...
Mathurin Bolze paints his pictures with the bodies that are not restricted by any planetary laws. In her ever-lasting dance Marie-Ann Michelle soars over all the atrocities of the world. This is poetry, pure poetry!
Le Soir, 2006, February 7
Grooved iron, barbed wires, heaps of junk and bizarre structures… The sets reconstruct the environment of the concentration camp. Worth mentioning are also the conveyor belt, the squirrel wheel that can accommodate a man, hatches, basements, the trampoline… Mathurin Bolze pushes the sets into motion.
Ouest France, 2007, March 13
Mathurin Bolze turns the harsh stories of human nature into images rather than into words. These images produce the impression that you’ve been stroked with a silk brush and its gentle touch makes you quiver with delight. The show consists of the moments that stay long in the memory.
During his work on Tangentes Mathurin Bolze explained: “At the core of my work there are texts. I am trying to hear the words of the man who was broken by another man.
These texts are not the structure upon the performance is built. These are the texts of the survivors from concentration camps and deportations. He was inspired by the writings of Prim Levi or Maurice Blanchar, L`Ecriture ou la vie by Jorge Semprun. Only a few harmless phrases spoken by the incredibly subtle giant Abdeliazid Senhadji are heard in this play. The effect of this contrast is striking. This play is about starving people, about loneliness and the barracks that must be filled with people…
At times the unceasing functioning of the machines is stopped. The actress (Marie-Ann Michelle) freezes in weightlessness. Her orange dress symbolizes fire, air and life. Even in the darkness of the concentration camp there is a place for humanness
Le Monde, 2005, December 17

June 27, 28, 30, July 1, 2
Meyerhold Centre
1 h 15 min without intermission