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Tango & Night
Tango & Night
Tango Metropolis Dance Company (Argentina)
Musical Director Daniel Binelli
Music  Astor Piazzolla, Julio De Caro, Kurt Weill, Daniel Binelli, Manuel O. Campoamor, Cristian Zarate, Ernesto de la Cruz, Francisco Canaro, Juan Carlos Cobián, Ariel Ramirez, Luis Rubistein, Anselmo Aieta, Pedro Mafia, Ricardo L. Brignolo, Osvaldo Fresedo, Astor Piazzolla, Chick Corea, Mattos Rodriguez, Julián Plaza 
This Friday public was dazed by the splendor of these matchless dancers’ technique. Their legs interwove, shot up and intercrossed with dazzling speed and flawless precision. All their movements were perfectly calculated and polished and the action was nostalgically called up the images of the wild battle. As had been promised, the spectacle was amusing and sultry.
Le Progrès
One has to operate exclusively with superlative degree to pay tribute to this amazing show with ten virtuoso dancers, five musicians and Daniel Binelli and his bandoneon in the lead. Add to this spectacular costumes and subtlest lighting design.
Le Sudouest
The dancers’ ace of trumps is virtuosity. The succession of languid and exceptionally precise duets demonstrated most intricate and highly expressive pas as well as perfectly organic merging of male and female bodies.
La Terrasse

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May 18, 19, 20, 21
Mossovet Theatre