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Idea, Choreography and Dramaturgy Pilar Alvarez, Claudio Hoffmann, Marijo Alvarez
Composition and Musical Arrangement Daniel Binelli
Song voice overs Gustavo Garcia Mendy
Costumes Maria Sanz
Artistic Direction Marijo Alvarez
Daniel Binelli Quintet Daniel Binelli - bandoneon, Polly Ferman - piano, Cesar Angeleri - guitar, Martin Keledjian - contrabass and harmonic, Humberto Ridolfi - violin, Imma 'La Carbonera' - vocal

Lorca Tango

After the tragedy Blood Wedding (Bodas De Sangre) By Federico Garcia Lorca
DANCERS Amador Rojas, Claudio Hoffmann, Jorgelina Guzzi, Cristian Mino, Marijo Alvarez, Soledad Rivero, Sabrina Nogueira, Lucas Paez, Milagros Rolandelli, Lisandro Eberle, Eber Burger

Troilo Suite

In memory of Anibal Troilo
Dancers Pilar Alvarez - Claudio Hoffmann
Soledad Rivero - Lucas Paez - Marijo Alvarez
Cristian Mino - Jorgelina Guzzi
Sabrina Nogueira - Eber Burger
Milagros Rolandelli - Lisandro Eberle

In staging Lorca Tango based on the tragedy by poet Garcia Lorca The Blood Wedding the choreographers attempted to reconsider the “souls” of two different classical genres - tango and flamenco - and bridge up the dance heritages of Spain, Argentina and modern ballet. 

The performance touches on the universal and timeless themes, conflicts and experiences... Love, passion, forbidden desires, death, pain -these are what the dancers and musicians fill the performance with to let us feel the mystics and magic of human senses.

Tango and flamenco sparkle on stage and this poetic alliance happens owing to virtuosity and brilliant professionalism of the dancers and musicians.

The production of Troilo Suite is dedicated to the great Argentinian musician Anibal Troilo - conductor, composer and performer, the man who became an idol and a myth already during his lifetime. He was proclaimed the best bandoneanist of all times thanks to the unique emotionality and sensuality of his performance. Legendary Astor Piazzolla began his career in Troilo’s orchestra.

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June 4,5; June 7,8
Voronezh; Ekaterinburg
1 h 55 min with intermission