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A play by: Grigori Gorin
Translated: M. Zarudny
Director: Sergei Danchenk
Set design: Daniil Leader
Scenic painting:Mikhail Gleizer
Music:Mikhail Gluz
Choreography:Boris Kamenkovitch
Chorus leader:Anatoli Navrotsky
Lighting design:Vladimir Lyashchinsky

The story of the milkman from the Tevye Jewish settlement in Ukraine is now known to readers and audiences in many countries of the world. Stage versions of this story, following the styles of drama, ironic comedy or musical, were highly acclaimed by audiences across the world. 

Ivan Franko Theatre from Kiev comes up with a distinctive version. Jewish classic Sholom-Aleichem made his character a hero of a moral parable, a symbol of folk wisdom and truly the citizen of the word. Tevye embodies the age-old aspirations of working men, but at the same time, he is deeply convinced that a man is called to serve a higher purpose. His wits, humor and naivete show affinity with proverbial characters of popular epos.

“Tevye-Tevel” is a result of a long-term collaboration of two artists—actor Bogdan Stupka and director Sergei Danchenko. Their partnership began many years ago at the Zankovetskaya Theatre in Lviv. Soon the two men built the reputation of the most advanced theatrical artists in Ukraine.

Later the actor and director were joined by the world-class set designer, Daniel Lider. In “Tevye-Tevel” the collaboration of the three men reached its climax. Stupka’s performance bespeaks of the undying desire of man to impart meaning to his short life.

There are actors who are able to create a mysterious, yet not easily perceptible air of spirituality on stage and in the audience, actors who can completely refocus our attention from daily existence to the art. Bogdan Stupka is no doubt one of such actors.

venue: Vakhtangov Theatre