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The Bear

After a joke in on one act by Anton Chekhov

The Bear
The Bear
Chekhov International Theatre Festival, Center of Drama and Directing
Director Vladimir Pankov
Composers  Artem Kim and Sergei Rodukov
Stage designer Maxim Obrezkov
Choreographer Polina Mironova
Light Design Nikolay Surkov (Belarus)  

Elena Yakovleva, Alexander Feklistov, Nadejda Meyer, Peter Markin, Anastasia Alferova, Ekaterina Krivko, Olga Putkova, Diliara Sagdeeva, Yana Chekina, Eugene Barhatov   

Elegant Chekhov’s joke is fertile material for the new theatrical experiment of Vladimir Pankov and an international creative team fr om Russia, Uzbekistan, and Belarus. It’s a real vaudeville, wh ere the director Vladimir Pankov and composers Artem Kim and Daniil Posagennikov combined popular romances with classical opera composition. The story of two people, between whom after a hostile clash suddenly breaks out love, poses to the audience the question of nature and sincerity of feelings. The game and the interlacing of various musical and dramatic genres reflect the capricious pulsation of their relations. 

June 24, 25, 26
Center of Drama and Theatre Directing (Stage at Sokol metro st.)