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Fedor Dostoevsky

The boys

Based on nine chapters of the novel Brothers Karamazov

The boys
The boys
Composition and Direction: Sergei Zhenovach
Director-pedagogue: Olga Firsova
Set Design: Maria Utrobina
Light: Evgeni Vinogradov
Cast: Alexander Koruchekov (directors’ group). Andrei Shibarshin. Sergei Pimiak. Alexei Vertkov. Maria Shashlova / Anna Rud. Tatiana Volkova / Tatiana Vasilkina, Olga Kalashnikova / Miriam Sehon. Maxim Liutikov, Alexander Lutoshkin. Grigori Sluzhitel. Tikhon Kotrelev. Alexander Oblasov. Ulanbek Bayaliev (directors' group). Sergei Abroskin

Sergei Zhenovach was  bom in 1957. In 1979 he graduated fr om the director's department of the Krasnodar Culture Institute and headed the youth amateur theatre.

In 1983 he enrolled at the director's department of the Theatre Institute GITIS (Fomenko's course). His diploma production was Synge's 'Fools from Mayo'. From 1988-1991 he was staff director at the Theatre Studio 'Chelovek' (Man), wh ere he staged Nina Sadur's Gogol adaptation Pannochka' (1988) and Pierre Corneille's Illusion’ (1989). From 1991 to 1998 he worked at the Malava Bronnava Theatre. whose artistic director he became in 1996. Productions here include: Shakespeare's 'King Lear'. Puchina’ based on A. Ostrovsky. V. Ducange and M. Dino. 'The Miller. Magician. Swindler and Matchmaker' by A. Ablesimov. 'The Wood Spirit' by A. Chekhov, a trilogy based on Dostoevsky's’ The Idiot'. 'The Little Comedies' based on I. Turgenev. 'Five Evenings' by A. Volodin. Christmas Eve' based on N. Gogol.

He also directed at other theatres: on P. Fomenko's course at RATI (GITIS) he staged Vladimir of III Degree' bvN. Gogol (1991). The Sound and the Fury’ by William Faulkner (1993). Winter's Tale by Shakespeare (1996). An Ardent Heart' by A. Ostrovsky (2000): at the Fomenko Workshop Theatre A Month in the Country' by I. Turgenev (1996): at the Maly Theatre' Woe from Wit' by A. Griboedov (2000) and Truth is Good, but Happiness is Better' by A. Ostrovsky (2002): and at the Chekhov MXT 'The White Guard' by M. Bulgakov (2004).

At Norwegian theatres he staged Chekhov's 'Three Sisters' (Molde. 1994). Ibsen's 'The Wild Duck’ (Bergen. 1996). Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet'(Molde. 1997). Since 1988 he teaches at RATI's director's faculty, and since 2001 he is professor and head of a directors' and actors' course, and since 2004 he is head of RATI's directors' department. He is the winner of the State Prize of the Russian Federation. 2003.

Russian Academy for Theatre Arts (GITIS). Directors’ Faculty. Workshop of S. Zhenovach