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By Elena Gremina

The Chekhov Brothers

Scenes from family life

The Chekhov Brothers
The Chekhov Brothers
Stanislavsky Moscow Drama Theatre Chekhov International Theatre Festival
Directed Alexander Galibin
Associate director Ramis Ibragimov
Set Designer Elizaveta Dzutseva
Choreographer Nikolai Androsov
Assistant to Director Svetlana Varfolomeeva
Performed by Stanislav Ryadinsky, Dmitry Mulyar, Vsevolod Boldin, Alexander Panteleev, Anna Dubova, Irina Savitskaya, Darya Kolpikova

«The Chekhov Brothers» is the first play about Chekhov’s youth and his relationships with his family. The genius-to-be is still full of health, vigor and joy. Young Anton has to be a bread-winner for his whole big family. He is writing for money and no one seems to be taking his short stories seriously. The great man of letters is in the process of self-discovery.

A summer cottage, a summer day, the bank of a river... Two girls-in-love have come for a visit. The young people are laughing, drinking tea and vodka, sorting things out with each other... And in the meantime their destinies are being decided.

The Chekhov brothers were endowed with many talents and arouse great expectations. However only one of them happened to be able to develop his gift. Nikolai and Alexander remained nothing more than Anton Chekhov’s brothers.

Alexander Galibin’s production brings up the issues of what the family bonds are supposed to mean, can the love of a woman save the genius and is it really possible to drip a slave out of one’s soul?

June 8, 15, 16, 28
Stanislavsky Moscow Drama Theatre