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Anton Chekhov

The Cherry Orchard

Director Adolf Shapiro
Set Design David Borovsky
Composer Igor Vdovin L
Light Gleb Filshtinsky
Producer Oleg Tabakov
Cast Renata Litvinova, Anastasia Skorik, Janina Kolesnichenko, Ekaterina Solomatina, Sergei Dreiden, Andrei Smoliakov (Tabakov Theatre), Dmitri Kulichkov (student of Moscow Art Theatre School). Vladimir Krasnov, Evdokiya Germanova (Tabakov Theatre), Sergei Ugriumov (TabakovTheatre), Varvara Shuliatieva, Vladimir Kashpur, Dmitri Brodetsky (Tabakov Theatre), Oleg Soloviev (student of Moscow Art Theatre School), Boris Korostelev, Evgeni Savenkov (student of Moscow Art Theatre School)

Adolf Shapiro was born in 1939. He graduated fr om Kharkov Theatre Institute in 1962, and for many years worked with Maria Knebel in the VTO’s creative laboratory. From 1962 onwards he has directed productions for the theatre, and from 1964 until the closure of the theatre in 1992 he was chief artistic director of the Young Spectator’s Theatre in Riga, wh ere directed over 30 productions. Among them:

Zorin’s To See in Time’, M. Kundera’s The Owner of the Keys’, E. Shvarts’s The Shadow’, A. Arbuzov’s ‘My Poor Marat', Gorky's The Last Ones', Brecht’s ‘Mother Courage’, Arbuzov's ‘Sunrise City’, ‘Chukokkala’ based on the works of Komei Chukovsky, V. Rozov’s ‘Brother Alesha' based on Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov’, Chekhov's ‘Ivanov’ and The Wood Spirit', Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’, Kleist’s ‘Prince of Homburg’, Brecht’s Fear and Misery of the Third Reich’, Tomorrow was War' based on B. Vasiliev, J. Brodsky’s ‘Democracy’. He also directed a lot at theatres in Estonia. One of the best productions was Turgenev’s ‘Fathers and Sons’ at the Municipal Theatre, Tallinn. Since the late 1980s he has worked at theatres in Moscow and Leningrad. Among his productions: J. Kilty's ‘Dear Liar’ at the Vakhtangov Theatre, Bulgakov's The Cabal of Hypocrites’ at the Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre, Chekhov's The Cherry Orchard’ and Ostrovsky's The Forest’ at the BDT, Gorky’s The Last Ones' and The Lower Depths’ at the Tabakov Studio Theatre, T. Williams’s ‘In the Bar of a Tokyo Hotel' at the Mayakovsky Theatre. He has also frequently directed abroad.

From 1991-94 he was President of the International Association of Children's and Youth Theatres (ASSITEJ), and since 1991 he has been the President of the Russian branch of ASSISTEJ.

From 1972-1990 he taught acting and directing skills at the Latvian Conservatory, and from 1992-1994 also in USA: he has engaged in pedagogical activity also in Estonia and France. He is professor (1982) and the author of the books ‘Inter-Val' and ‘When the Curtain Closed’

June 7
Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre