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The cherry orchard

The cherry orchard
The cherry orchard
Directed:by Kaarin Raid
Designer:Ingrid Agur
Music:Peter Konovalov
Lubov Andreevna Ranevskaya, landlady:Anne Raemann
Ania, her daughter:Tiina Mialberg
Varia, her foster daughter:Piret Rauk
Leonid Andreevich Gaev, Ranevskaya's brother:Arvo Raimo
Ermolai Alekseevich Lopakhin, tradesman:Elmo Nuganen
Petr Sergeevich Trofimov, student:Andres Noormets
Sharlotta Ivanovna, governess:Anne Valge
Semen Panteleevich Epikhodov, clerk:Alan Noormets
Duniasha, housemaid:Vilma Luik
Firs, servant:Andres Oks
Jasha, young servant:Jular Saaremjae
Stranger:Gerd Raudsep
Kaarin Raid staged the play about irreversible, irretrievable losses. But we can't feel the tragic despair in the light breath of the performance. On the contrary you feel the approach of the happiness and good changes. It seems that the orchard will be saved and all loving hearts will join. There are no any apocalyptic generalizations in this performance. Not the world is dying but this house, this family is ebbing...
Elena Alekseeva, The Moscow Observer: