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by A. Ostrovsky

The Dowerless

Author Alexander Ostrovsky
Producing Director Pyotr Fomenko
Director Valius Tertelis
Stage Design Vladimir Maximov
Costume Design Maria Danilova
Lighting Design Vladislav Frolov
Musical Direction Marina Raku

Pyotr Fomenko’s stage production of the well-known play by the great 19th century Russian playwright Alexander Ostrovsky does away with all the rules of its usual comprehension. The colours are subdued, and the stage sets are minimalistic. There are no melodramatics here, no boisterous merchants, and no languid songs. Still, there are songs, but they are bitter, terrifying, desperate. And the Gypsies, as written by Ostrovsky, remind one of the flock of Macbethian witches.

May 31; June 2, 14; July 4, 14
Pyotr Fomenko’s Workshop Theatre
3 h 20 m