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The duchess of Malfi

The duchess of Malfi
The duchess of Malfi
Directed: by Declan DONNELLAN
Set design: Nick ORMEROD
Music: Catherine JAYES
Antonio Bologna, steward of the Duchess household:Matthew Macfadyen
Delio, his friend:Shaun Parkes
Bosola, gentleman fo the horse to the Duchess:George Anton
Cardinal:Paul Brennen
Ferdinand, Duke of Calabria, brother of the Cardinal and the Duchess:Scott Handy
The Duchess, sister of the Cardinal and twin of Ferdinand:Anastasia Hille
Cariola, her waiting woman:Avril Clark
Julia, mistress of the Cardinal:Nicola Redmond
The Court, the Officers, the Madmen, the Executioners:Matthew Bowyer, Sean Hannaway, Christopher Kell, Terence Maynard, Peter Moretone, Guy Moore
Cheek by Jowl's production of «The Duchess of Malfi» became a revelation... Anastasia Hill's astounding Duchess becomes not an alabaster saint, but a woman of fierce sexuality who is driven to despair by her brothers' insane plotting... running through the production is the idea that political and religious absolutism camouflage twisted sexuality.
Michael Billington, The Guardian:
Declan Donnellan's taps into the play's dark heart, making the preposterous psychologically plausible.
Charles Spencer, Daily Telegraph:
Scraping off all the layers of sentimental varnish with which this play has been daubed, Declan Donnellan's revelatory Cheek by Jowl production puts to rout any feeling you might have of jaded overfamiliarity. Replanted in a pre-war Mussolini — esque Italy... the story here unfolds as if for the first time, with both a dia-grammatic beauty and a stinging psychological penetration.
Paul Taylor, The Independe: