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The False Confessions (Les Fausses Confidences)
Pierre de Marivaux

The False Confessions (Les Fausses Confidences)

The False Confessions (Les Fausses Confidences)
The False Confessions (Les Fausses Confidences)
L’Odéon – Théâtre de l’Europe (France)
Directed Luc Bondy
Creative assistant Geoffrey Layton
Head of the literary department Jean Jourdheuil
Scenography Johannes Schütz
Costumes Moidele Bickel
Light Dominique Bruguière  
Original music Martin Schütz
Make-up / hairstyling Cécile Kretschmar

Presented in French with Russian subtitles

Luc Bondy, like no one else, is capable of conveying Marivaux’s “elegant fever”. “The False Confessions” is a beautiful surprise sprung on us by the winter season. Marivaux’s beautiful language flows with great naturalness <…> Life triumphs in this play and it is also the triumph of theatre.
Nouvelle Observateur
A subtle and perfect ensemble work of the actors underscores the turns and twists of the narrative and the brilliance of Marivaux’s language (…) This Marivaux is very funny. Isabelle Huppert is brilliant as Araminta who is usually portrayed as a sad widow…
Luc Bondy feels perfectly at home when he stages Marivaux’s play. He obviously feels like a duck to water or like the cunning marquis in his salon. Working with Marivaux’s text looks like fun to him. He doesn’t take care to observe the historical canons. Instead he sets the action in the present and rejoices at seeing the realities of the refined 18th century get mixed up with the rough manners of our time
Le Point

July 13, 14, 15, 16, 17
Mossovet Theatre
2 h 10 min with intermission