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Alexander Ostrovsky

The Forest

Director Kirill Serebrennikov
Set Design Nikolai Simonov
Costumes Evgeniya Panfilova, Kirill Serebrennikov
Light Damir Ismagilov
Musical Director Vasili Nemirovich-Danchenko
Assistant Director Irena Arkhangelskaya
Cast Anastasia Skorik, Yuri Chursin, Evgeniya Dobrovolskaya, Natalia Teniakova, Kira Golovko, Raisa Maximova, Galina Kindinova, Alexander Mokhov, Oleg Topoliansky, Oleg Mazurov, Dmitri Nazarov, Avangard Leontiev, Tatiana Vashkina, Irina Moiseeva
Musicians Andrei Meshcherinov, Viktor Zharov, Vladimir Kolesov. Alexander Ivashkin, Evgeni Semenov, Viktor Vulikhsher 
Orchestra Leader Tatiana Pavlova

Kirill Serebrennikov was born in 1969. In 1992 he graduated fr om the Faculty of Physical Sciences of Rostov University. In his student years he engaged in directing in the amateur studio “69”, then on Rostov’s professional theatres, wh ere he staged over 20 productions (Gorky Drama Theatre, Youth Theatre, Engagement Theatre). His first production in Moscow was 'Plasticine' by V. Sigarev (Centre for Drama and Directing under A. Kazantsev and M. Roshchin). Subsequently he directed 'Explicit Polaroids' by M. Ravenhill (Pushkin Theatre). Sweet Bird of Youth' by T. Williams (Sovremennik Theatre), 'Terrorism' and 'Playing the Victim' by the Presniakov Brothers and Gorky’s 'The Petty Bourgeoisie' (Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre], Stig Larsson’s 'A.D.' (Centre for Drama and Directing), and Lermontov’s 'Demon' (Theatre Comradeship 814). Since 1991 he has worked for Rostov television, and since 1998 in film. Winner of the national television award TEFI (1999). Director of the films 'Swallow', 'Secrets of Thunder’. Rostov-Daddy', 'The Undressed', 'Diary of a Murderer', and 'Bed Scenes'.

Serebrennikov’s 'The Forest' is a clear success and quite a qualitative product. Attractive, hazardous, visually entertaining, 'The Forest' on Art Theatre’s stage impresses with strong acting.... The actors show their ability to exist beautifully in the circumstances offered by the director. ... Re dressing the set, extending Ostrovsky’s comedy over self-sufficient numbers and little numbers, Kirill Serebrennikov has practically left Ostrovsky’s text untouched (except for transforming the landowning neighbors into in aged widows, and replacing the servant Karp with a parlourmaids).
Novye Izvestiya

June 8
Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre