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The Hidden Force (De stille kracht)
After the novel by Louis Couperus

The Hidden Force (De stille kracht)

Toneelgroep Amsterdam (Netherlands)

The Hidden Force (De stille kracht)
The Hidden Force (De stille kracht)

Ivo Van Hove
Adaptation, Dramaturgy Peter Van Kraaij
Scenographer, Lighting designer Jan Versweyveld
Music Harry De Wit
Choreographer Koen Augustijnen
Costumes An D'huys
Toneelgroep Amsterdam Aus Greidanus Jr., Gijs Scholten Van Aschat, Halina Reijn, Jip Van Den Dool, Maria Kraakman, Vanja Rukavina
Guest Actors Barry Emond, Dewi Reijs, Joji Kyle Na, Mingus Dagelet, Otis Schwab, Rob Malasch
Assistant director Nina De La Parra
Assistants scenographer Bart Van Merode, Ramon Huijbrechts
Music assistants Guusje Ingen Housz, Stan Verberkt
Costum assistant Fauve Ryckebusch
Casting advice Hans Kemna
Head of technique and Production department Wolf-Gotz Schworer
Hair and Grime department David Verswijveren
Costume department Wim Van Vliet (head), Farida Bouhbouh (wardrobe)
Artistic advice Eric De Vroedt

The Hidden Force is a tragedy of fate. It is a disconcerting portrait of a man who remains blind to his environment and becomes the victim of false assumptions and preconceptions. A performance that makes us painfully aware of the gaping abyss between the stories we tell about ourselves and who we really are.

Director Ivo van Hove condensed Couperus’s epic novel into a two-hour performance, consisting of deeply sensual, memorable and thought provoking scenes of confrontation between the two cultures.
www. derwesten. de
Van Hove stakes on powerful scenic effects that create the exotic atmosphere (...) Musician Harry de Wit appears as a true magician in the tropical hurricane of feelings as he masterfully plays the Asian tom-toms, the bamboo sticks and the piano amidst all this water.
Suddeutsche Zeitung

July 4,5,6,7
Mossovet Theatre
2 h without intermission