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The lament of Jeremiah

The lament of Jeremiah
The lament of Jeremiah
Music: Vladimir MARTYNOV
Scenography and mise-en-scenes: Anatoli VASILIEV
Directed: by Nikolai CHINDYAIKIN
Array: :
Set design:Igor Popov
Ensemble of ancient Russian music «Sirin»:I.Baigulova, O.Baigulova, S.Barannikov, V.Georgievskaya, O.Eliseyev, R.Kostrykin, P.Kunitch, A.Sagaidak, A.Skundina, M.Shentalinskaya (and also Y.Amirbikyan, G.Guseva, Y.Stepanitch, I.Mishchenkova)
artistic director:Andrei Kotov
In some southern countries, especially in the Jewish and Arab worlds, collective effusion of grief is up till now considered an attribute of normal life. Regardless of whether a misfortune has befallen just one man, or a catastrophe has afflicted whole nations, be it epidemic, war, or price hike, people get together and fall into grief. The purpose is not just comforting each other, but to strengthen the inner feeling of despair. For after the grief is over, the soul , is freed and God, whose ways are inscrutable and cause grumble, reappears. The cry of Jeremiah dates back to the year of ruination of Jerusalem in 587 B.C. Devastated cities, widows and orphans, the lost glory — these motifs reoccur in each of the five chapters. The reasons for the cry become secondary in importance as compared to its social and religious function: it becomes the means of purifying the heart and feelings. The word is a sound, and music is the instrument of changing the state of the mourners.
Andreas Berger, Braunschweiger Zeitung

Chapter I. 1. Cry for Jerusalem, lonely, inconsolable, despised; it's glory is gone. 12. "Come and see, is there a malady like my malady?" God sent malady unto me. 17. Zion is inconsolable. 18. Lord is pious. Zion prayer of tightness and for victory over its foes.
Chapter II. 1. In anger God threw down the land of Israel and rejected His sacrificial altar. 11. Cry for the daughter of my people; God was as good as his word and He ravished. 18. "Arouse and cry at night". Children are starving.
Chapter III. 1. God's wrath; "put me in the dark place"; "like a target for arrows”; 'my soul sinks in me". 21. God's mercy is not exhausted, "renewed every morning". God doesn't abandon forever. 40. "Turn to God". "You veiled yourself with wrath". 55. "God, you have heard my voice". Punish my enemies
. Chapter IV. 1. Cry for the people, "sons of Zion are equaled to earth ware". No bread for the children; death from sword better than hunger. 12. Sins of the prophets and priests of Jerusalem. 17. "Our end is near". 21. The cup of wrath will reach the home; punishment of Zion is over.
Chapter V. 1. "God, see us desecrated". Description of hardships of the prisoners. 19. Prayer for deliverance.