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Zhao Yaomin

The Lost Оpera

Director: Nikolay Druchek
Set Designer: Emil Kapelush
Composer: Alexander Bakshi
Kun Opera Coach: Liu Yilong
Vocal coach: Ludmila Bakshi
Choreography: Alisher Khasanov
Cast: Guan Dongtian, Wen Yang,wang Yong, Zhang Yunke, Jiang Ke, Sun Ningfang.liu Zhen, Zhu Linyan, Xie Li, Huang Chen, Wang Jue, Zhao Suting,wang Haiying

The Shanghai People's Art Theatre and the Shanghai Youth Trou pe were founded in the early years of the People’s Republic of China by distinguished dramatists Xia Yan, Huang Zuolin and Xiong Foxi respectively. Over the decades, they had focused on reaching out to the rest of the world for cultural exchange, learning from and sharing with other countries the experience of creating new dramas. Theatre productions ranged from western classical, modem and contemporary works (from Shakespeare, Moliere, Chekhov, Brecht, Jean-Paul Sartre, Arthur Miller to Harold Pinter, M. Freyn etc.), as well as plays by Chinese writers, and numbered more than five hundred. Apart from staging in conventional theatres, there were also experimental theatre productions that explored alternative performance spaces. The company has been invited to perform in Japan, Singapore, Germany, Korea, Ireland, Hong Kong and Thiwan, winning critical acclaims.

The objective of Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre is to become one of the most modem National Theatres in China with high reputation and extensive influence.

June 10-16
Pushkin Theatre