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The Naked Pioneer

The Naked Pioneer
The Naked Pioneer
Concept and Director Kirill Serebrennikov
Set Design Nikolai Simonov
Composer Alexander Manotskov
Costume Design Evgenia Panfilova
Director of Plastic Movement Albert Albert
Light Oleg Urazbakhtin
Editor and assistant to the director Anna Shalashova
Cast Chulpan Khamatova, Tamara Degtiareva, Uliana Lapteva, Andrei Averianov, Vladislav Vetrov, Alexei Klimov, Vladislav Pilnikov, Maxim Razuvaev, Nikita Tiunin, Shamil Khamatov
Singers Ivan Barykin. Maxim Bragin. Roman Maslennikov, Yuri Orlov
Replying to interviewers about the performance of the lead role by Chulpan Khamatova. Kirill Serebrennikov repeated one and the same thing: she is a national achievement. After the premiere we realize that the director’s definition is exhaustive. Although it wouldbe nice to add descriptions of the details of Khamatova’s acting: to write how the entire scenic space is electrified by her nervous energy: how obstinacy and defenselessness, naivety and devout belief flow together in this heroine... how, depending on the content of a scene, her movement and her composure change; how sacks under her narrowed eyes appear and how genuine tears roll down her cheeks: how her body is tense in the military adventures and how it relaxes in the circus flight. It is not the taboo of the topic that makes Serebrennikov's show tick, but the discovery of the best scenes.
July 20, 23, 26
Sovremennik Theatre. “Other Stage”