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By Ingrid Lausund

The Office

Spinelessness in one act

The Office
The Office
The National Academic Janka Kupala Theatre (Minsk, Belarus)
First prize of Youth Theatre Forum Kishinev 2012
Translated Irina Gerasimovich
Director and Composer Ekaterina Averkova
Set design and Costumes Aliona Igrusha
Music fragments Antonio Vivaldi

Presented in Belorussian with Russian subtitles

The Office’ transcends the boundaries of the mechanical absurd. Here every cog in the machine has volume and depth and ultimately possess a human soul. The final succession of confessional monologues raises the production from the level of a statement to that of meditation and profound conception.
Anna Banasyukevich, Weekend, RIA News Agency, July 23-27, 2012
The inner impulse of the performance is each character’s longing to ‘repose correctly’, remember the meaning of self-respect and take the liberty to listen to him/herself. In the beginning the performance abounds in the director’s ironic comments on all kinds of training systems and techniques of personality growth. When the action gets in full swing, the office workers turn into out-of-control egotistic animals. But through their heartfelt confessional monologues the characters re-acquire the qualities of human beings. Throughout the performance the director has been masterfully juggling with genres and manners of actors’ stage presences but for the final scene he has chosen the style of ‘theatre of experience’. The actors’ faces look different as though masks have fallen off them. Actually the actors stop acting, i.e. posing as other persons, and at last make bold to be themselves.
Anastasia Arefieva, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, June 28, 2012

May 24
Pushkin Theatre
1 h 25 min without intermission
Supported by:
Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus Goethe-Institut Minsk