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Ernest Hemingway

The Old Man And The Sea

Chekhov International Theatre Festival in cooperation with Vakhtangov Theatre (Russia)

The Old Man And The Sea
The Old Man And The Sea
Adaptation of the novel, Set Design and Direction Anatoly Vasiliev
From the Author Alla Demidova
Music Vladimir Martynov
Designer Petr Popov
Costumes Vadim Andreev
The music is performed By The Ensemble Opus Posth Under The Guidance Of Tatiana Grindenko
Technical Director Alexander Solomin
General Producer Valery Shadrin
Who can say what will come out from Ham (I’m calling Hemingway Ham, remembering the past) and from his tragic novella The Old Man and the Sea.
But this is not what matters!
What do we want: Alla Demidova, Vladimir Martynov and I, plus a team of artists and technicians, all of us having gotten together under the umbrella of Chekhov Festival?
We want gratitude. We want memory. We want love. For this Great Creator of Protest - director Yuri Lyubimov. And no treachery or discontent.
We have gotten togetherto celebrate his 100th jubilee. To celebrate the great master we are presenting to the public our production of The Old Man and the Sea.
September 30, 2016
Anatoly Vasiliev

19, 20 July/ 30 September/1 October
Vakhtangov Theatre