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The Overcoat
The Overcoat
Set Design Alexander Borovsky
Composer Sergei Gritsai Shadow
Theatre Ilya Epelbaum, Viacheslav Ignatov, Maria Litvinova
Idea Yuri Rost
In the role of Bashmachkin Marina Neelova
The production includes the participation of shadow theatre by Viacheslav Ignatov. Maria Litvinova, Irina Veselova; and the ensemble “Sirin” under the direction of Andrei Krotova

Valeri Fokin was born in 1946. In 1970 he graduated fr om the Shchukin Theatre School (course of B. Zahava and M. Ter-Zaharova). From 1971-85 he was staff director at the Sovremennik Theatre. Among his productions: ‘Valentina and Valentin’ by M.Roshchin, 'Provincial Jokes' by A. Vampilov, The Government Inspector’ by N. Gogol. ‘Who is afraid of Virginia Woolf ‘by E. Albee I shall go, I shall go!..’, based on Dostoevsky. Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’. From 1985 - 91 he was artistic director of the Ermolova Theatre, wh ere he directed ‘Speak ...’by A. Buravsky. ‘Sportive Scenes of 198 Г by Eduard Radzinsky, ‘Invitation to a Beheading’ based on V. Nabokov. Since 1991 Fokin is the artistic director and general manager of the Meyerhold Centre. His productions in the 1990s include: ‘A Room in a Hotel in N’, based on Gogol's ‘Dead Souls’; Kafka's ‘Metamorphosis’ (with Satirikon Theatre), ‘More van Gogh’, conceived and composed by Fokin (with the Tabakov Theatre), The Karamazovs and Hell’ by N. Klimontovich and based on Dostoevsky (Sovremennik Theatre), The Last Night of the Last Tsar’ by Radzinsky (Theatre Agency BOGIS), Thtiana Repina' (Festival d'Avignon and MTYuZ), ‘Old- world Landowners’ by N. Koliada, based on Gogol. After the opening in 2001 of the new building of the Meyerhold Centre Fokin announced and began to conduct programmes with the participation of Russian and foreign directors: ‘Antonin Artaud - A New Age’, The Antiquity Programme', ‘Polish Theatre: Yesterday and Today’. In 2002 he directed ‘Artaud and His Double' based on a play by V. Semenovsky. On the stage of the Alexandrinsky Theatre he directed Gogol's The Government Inspector' (2002) and Dostoevsky’s The Double' (2005). Since 2004 he is art director of the Aleksandrinsky Theatre. On 4 October 2004 the production of The Overcoat', directed by Fokin, opened the ‘Other Stage’ of the Sovremennik Theatre. Fokin has worked with great success abroad. He is the winner of the State Prize of Russia etc.

On the ‘Other Stage' of the Sovremennik cold., blackness, emptiness reign ...a creature emerges against the backdrop of permafrost. Shaky, pitiful, with an infantile smile and a wrinkled bald patch. Not a man, not a woman, not a child, not an old man. but all at once. Mankind before the Creator. In all the pettiness, half-bent. In the blessed' idiocy of his works and his days.

July 2,5,8
Sovremennik Theatre, “Other Stage” and Meyerhold Centre