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The persians
The persians
Translated into modern Greek:Panos Moulas
Adapted and directed :Theodoros Terzopoulos
Sets and costumes:Giorgos Patsas
Music:Fragments From 2 “Epikyklos”— By Yiannis Christou

“The Persians” is the latest production of the AT. Terzopovlos uses the ancient myth to raise some vital questions of the present day. In 472 Aeschilles in “The Persians” warned the Greeks of the inexorable implications of the war, even if this war was victorious. But the Greeks overestimated their own might. In the following Peloponess war the Athens became the victim. Terzopoulos had seen suffering of people, victimized by World War Two and the Civil war in Greece. His personal experiences become combined with the mythological text in order to once again ask the question that have seduced mankind in the 20th century. The central metaphor of this production, the suffering of the defeated, is expressed physically and is expressed through agony of the body.

Can heroism, used to screen off the lust for power, justify the victims of war? At which moment the victor becomes a victim? The defeat of the Persians is a result of Xerxe’s unlimited ambitions, his craving for power. It is a warning to Greece: you ought to value your wealth and work to save what you have rather than trying to gain more. Freedom is worth suffering and even sacrificing one’s life, but the questions are 

venue: Taganka Theatre (new stage)