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The pianola or the mechanical piano

The pianola or the mechanical piano

The pianola or the mechanical piano
The pianola or the mechanical piano
Directed:By Elmo Nuganen
Scenery:By Vladimir Anshon
Music:Riina Roose
Petrovna Voinitseva:Anu Lamp
Sergei Pavlovitch Voinitsev:Andres Raag, Indrek Sammul
Sophia Egorovna:Triinu Meriste
Porfiry Semenovich Glagolev:Kalju Orro
Pavel Petrovitch Scherbuk:Paul Laasik
Vera:Ene Jarvis
Lisa:Piret Kalda
Petia:Taavi Kull
Guvernant:Riina Roose
Ivan Ivanovich Triletsky:Raivo Trass
Nikolay Ivanovich:Tynu Oja
Gerasim Kusmich Petrin:Andres Ots
Mikhail Vasilievich Platonov:Madis Kalmet, Elmo Nuganen
Alexandra Ivanovna (Sasha):Anne Raeman
Gorohov:Jan Tjatte
Jacob:Allan Noormets
Zahar:Indrek Sammul, Andres Raag

The text of «The Pianola» is based mainly on Chekhov's early play which was not published during the author's lifetime and which is known nowadays either as «Platonov» or as «Without Father» Motifs from Chekhov's other dramatic works and short stories are used in the theatrical version as well.

«The Pianola» is the third time director Elmo Nuganen is working on Chekhov. In 1990 he staged «Seagull» at the Ugala Theatre in Viljandi, in 1992 Nuganen's version of «Ivanov» appeared at the Estonian Drana Theatre.

A doctor and a teacher, a widow of a general and a tradesman, a landlord and unmarried young ladies — just the average Chekhov's characters. People who want to retain their youthfulness, beliefs, deals and who long for love. Is that possible and what's the price?
When and in what circumstances you could sell it all? And how to continue living after that? How to continue living while you already know that you have betrayed your youth, your beliefs, your ideals, you love? And nevertheless these characters deserve the right to be happy, to see new and bright life, to meet nice peo­ple who understand their lives and forgive them.
Elmo Nuganen: