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Alexander Pushkin

The Queen of Spades

The Queen of Spades
The Queen of Spades
Director Petr Fomenko
Set designer Stanislav Morozov
Costumes Mariya Danilova
Lighting designer Vladimir Amelin
Music Tatiana Agaeva

"The Queen of Spades", put on by Pyotr Fomenko, is a brilliant attempt to bring on stage the genius story by Alexander Pushkin.

Performance lives by the laws of prose. The dramatic story of Hermann, the old countess and her unhappy foster-daughter Liza is brought up in a soft and slow manner.. 
A romance of the hussar with guitar, a mystical, surreal atmosphere of the gloomy town... Dark green cloth of the game table turns into a variety of places, and on the stage every now and then flashes "secret malevolence," dressed in black coat.
Hermann evolved a terrible secret of three cards, but it brought no happiness to him…

June 21
Vakhtangov Theatre
2 hour 10 minutes