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The sound of ocean

The sound of ocean
The sound of ocean
Music: Huang Chih-Chun
Artistic Director: Liu Ruo-Yu
Drumming Master: Huang Chih-Chun
Musician: Sun Ching-Feng
Set and Light Design: Lin Keh-Hua
Costume Design: Tim Yip

U Theatre. The pronunciation of the letter 'U' is similar to the Chinese word for '‘excellence”. The same word was used for "performers" in imperial China.

The Sound of Ocean' tells about the water of life, which nourishes our souls. Individual drops gather to form a stream; streams join forces to create a river; which eventually flows into the ocean. They sink deep into it, beyond the point where “the unknown and unrevealed" begins.

'The Sound of the Ocean' encompasses five segments: Collapse. Flowing Water, Breakers, Listening to the Ocean Heart, and Sound of the Ocean.

Flowing water Listening to the Ocean Heart, and The Sound of the Ocean are the backbone of this work. The other two parts produce a strong contrast to these three. The sense of calmness given by Flowing Water is amplified by its placement after the powerful performance of Collapse.

The performance ends with The Sound of Ocean, a pithy moment of the piece. Only three instruments are used: the big drum, the gong and a large musical 'bowl'. Their different tones clash with one another and in turn hold themselves together.
June 26-29
The Gorky Moscow Art Theatre