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The Tiger Lillies Perform Hamlet

The Tiger Lillies Perform Hamlet

The Tiger Lillies Perform Hamlet
The Tiger Lillies Perform Hamlet

Produced by Theatre Republique (Østerbro theatre, Copenhagen) and Menno Plukker Theatre Agent, Inc. (Montreal)

Stage Direction & Set Designer
Martin Tulinius
Lyrics & Compositions
Martyn Jaques
Concept Martin Tulinius, Christian Gimbel, Martyn Jaques
Costume Designer Astrid Lynge Ottosen
Light Designer Adalsteinn Stefansson
Sound Designer Janus Jensen

Hamlet – Morten Christensen

Ophelia – Andréane Leclerc

Claudius – Zlatko Buric

Gertrude – Andrea Vagn Jensen 

Laertes/Polonius – Pelle Nordhøj Kann

The Tiger Lillies 

Martyn Jacques – Lead Vocals, Accordion, Ukulele, Piano

Adrian Stout – Double Bass, Bass Guitar, Theremin, Musical Saw, Sleich Bells, Vibraphone, Backing Vocals

Jonas Golland – Drums, Percussions, Backing Vocals 

In memory of Martin Tulinius

In the staging of Martin Tulinius, Artistic Director of the Danish Theater Republique Shakespearean tragedy is a pure black comedy cabaret with circus, visual
transformations, giant dolls and dances. Using the accordion, double bass and percussion The Tiger Lillies musicians and their front man Martin Jacques in the role of the leading actor of the wandering troup present a tale of love, betrayal, murder and revenge, Struggling Helping Danish Melancholic Have Fun. Prince takes their efforts with the gratitude of the true connoisseur. It looks as if he, like the Pushkin's Walsingham, enjoys being "at the abyss gloomy, on the edge". Knowing that the end is predetermined, he decides to live his short age so “to not be painfully sorry”.

This is Hamlet with a vaudevillian cabaret twist, a Hamlet that is both visually and musically striking. And is quite possibly the best production of Hamlet I’ve seen to date.
Simon Clar

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July 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Mossovet Theatre
2 hours 30 minutes with intermission