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The War

Based on Richard Aldington's novel 'Death of a Hero', and the writings 'Notes of a Cavalry Officer' by Nikolai Gumilev and 'The Iliad' by Homer

The War
The War
Chekhov Intrenational Theatre Festival, Edinburgh International Festival, in cooperation with SounDrama Studio (Russia - Great Britain)

Dedicated to the Centiniary of the World War I
World premiere - August 9, 2014, Edinburgh International Festival

Director Vladimir Pankov
Set and costume designer Maxim Obrezkov
Music directors Artem Kim And Sergei Rodyukov
Choreography Ekaterina Kislova And Sergei Zemlansky
Libretto Irina Lychagina
Lighting designer Nikolai Surkov
Performers  Evgenia Simonova / Elena Shanina 
Valeriy Garkalin / Igor Yasulovich 
Other performers 
Maria Biork, Olga Demina, Vera Romanova, Irina Rundina, Seseg Khapsasova, Alisa Estrina, Pavel Akimkin, Andrey Aminov, Evgeny Barhatov, Alexander Kudin, Petr Markin, Ignat Matukhov, Sergey Permakov, Evgeny Sangadzhiev, Grigorii Spiridonov 
This emotionally devastating and technically astounding production from the Chekhov International Theatre Festival in Moscow is described by director Vladimir Pankov as an opera with text recitals.
Pankov's company creates a panoramic war poem in sound, lighting, fierce ensemble acting, wheezy band music and a startling reanimation of familiar staging tricks: the huge, swinging chandelier, fluttering papers in a wind machine, suspended ghosts.
What’s on Stage
Pankov’s “sounDrama” simply ravishes the senses, in 150 minutes of continuous, unforgettable theatre; the 19-strong ensemble cast all play instruments, sing in a rapt operatic style, and act magnificently, creating an avalanche of stunning visual images accompanied by the wild and haunting “jazz” of ambient sound design.
The Scotsman
…this is art theatre with a vengeance, in which interpretative skill ultimately becomes the point of the evening.
The Guardian

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2h 15 min without intermission