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by Anton Chekhov

The Wedding

SounDrama, one act play

The Wedding
The Wedding
Yanka Kupala National Academic Theatre, Minsk, Belarus International Confederation of Theatre Associations Chekhov International Theatre Festival
Translated to Belarusian Marianna Bortnitskaya
Director Vladimir Pankov
Set Designer Maxim Obrezkov
Musical Heads Alexander Gusev, Sergei Rodyukov
Choreographer Elena Bogdanovich
Costume Designers Natalia Zholobova, Sergei Agafonov
Light Designer Nikolai Surkov
Performed by Gennady Ovsyannikov, Gennady Garbuk, Nikolai Kirichenko, Arnold Pomazan, Zinaida Zubkova, Natalia Kochetkova, Tamara Nikolaeva-Opiok, Svetlana Anikey, Andrey Gladkiy, Igor Denisov, Alla Dolgaya, Andrey Drobysh, Dmitry Esenevich, Svetlana Zelenkovskaya, Mikhail Zuy, Evgenia Kulbachnaya, Tamara Mironova, Alexander Molchanov, Olga Nefedova, Igor Petrov, nina Oiskareva, Sergei Rudenya, Irina Rymorova, Anna Khitrik, Viktoria Chavlytko, andrey Zavodyuk (Pushkin Moscow Drama Theatre)
Musicians of SounDrama studio Alexander Gusev, Olga Demina, Vladimir Kudryavtsev, Taras Kutsenko, Vladimir Nelinov, Sergei Rodyukov
Orchestra artists  Vitaly Aleshkevich, Gennady Vishnyakov, Leonid Klunny, Andrey Saponenko, Andrey Senozhensky with the head of Vladimir Kurian 
Music by SounDrama studio With fragments from "The Wedding" by Igor Stravinsky
Stage Manager Nelli Samonova
Artistic Director of the Theatre Nikolai Pinigin
The Premiere: Minsk (Belarus), February 20, 2009
Doubtlessly Pankov is only too well aware of the affluent history of staging Chekhov’s “The Wedding”. So in his production the story-line unfolds within the space of dreams, delusions and topsy-turvy grotesques. The huge stage opens in all directions up to the back wall and as the performance begins it immediately becomes filled with all the personages. Here the musicians get mixed with the guests at the wedding party and the lead characters of the play. Igor Stravinsky’s music suddenly gives way to the ancient Slavic folk tunes and Belarusian ritual singing. The musical score for this production also quite virtuously incorporates pop tunes of the seventies and the melodious language of the Greeks. (…)
Pankov hears the text of Chekhov’s vaudeville as music that abounds in situational and linguistic absurdities. All these verbal twists and turns, this “sil-vous-plait-je-vous-prie” gibberish, the mixture of the Russian low-middle-class lexicon and the clichés of French politeness eventually laid the foundations for what came to be known as the Russian literature of the absurd. Pankov and his band translate this stylistic mishmash into the inspired yet terrifying musical jam-session
Alyona Karas, “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”
This is a modern and perfectly complete production, a meeting place of a variety of schools of acting. This rendezvous seems to be one of the most fascinating aspects of this highly dynamic amusement show that keeps the same quick pace throughout over one hour of the running time. Young actors trying on a assortment of emotional masks (…) perform in perfect harmony with the actors of the older generation. Two eyes are not enough to fix all the colors of this theatrical palette because the action is moving continually from downstage to upstage, from stage right to stage back
Valentin Pepelyayev, “Belarus Today
A superb and modern production meeting the top European standards
Christophe Lemaire (Paris, Theatre de la Ville)

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February 20, 2009
Minsk (Belarus)