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The White Guard (Days of the Turbins)
Mikhail Bulgakov

The White Guard (Days of the Turbins)

The White Guard (Days of the Turbins)
The White Guard (Days of the Turbins)
Director Sergei Zhenovach
Set Design Alexander Borovsky
Costume Design Oksana Yarmolnik
Composer Grigory Gobemik
Light Damir Ismagilov
Cast Konstantin Khabensky, Ivan Zhidkov (actor of the Tabakov Theatre). Natalia Rogozhkina, Valeri Troshin, Mikhail Porechenkov. Anatoli Bely, Nikita Zverev, Dmitri Kulichkov (actor of the Tabakov Theatre), Alexander Semchev. Valeri Khlevinsky. Viacheslav Zholobov. OlegTopoliansky, Oleg Mazurov. Roman Kirillov, Vladimir Kashpur. Viktor Sergachev, Oleg Soloviev, Vladimir Timofeev, Boris Korostelev, Grigori Ryzhikov, Pavel Vashchilin. Evgeni Savinkov, Sergei Medvedev
Not a single emotional movement of the heroes performed with pure pathos is brought to the lowest truth, as happens so often nowadays with all the romantic or deeply personal feelings contained in the classics. You want to know how all ibis works for the eye and the ear? Wonderfully!
In his Lime the Art Theatre's literary adviser Pavel Markov said about the production of the Turbins: All is arranged so that you can see man's face'. In this phrase lies the theatrical concept of Zhenovach's production.
Zlienovach's detailed 4-hour production can safely be labeled one of the happiest events in the latest phase of the Moscow Arts Theatre after- Oleg Efremov: almost for the first Lime the high class of the genuine ensemble work is obvious... To observe these people, who have reddened from vodka andfrost, is genuine happiness, for which Sergei Zhenovach knows the recipe so well.

Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre
June 12