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William Shakespeare

The Winter’s Tale

Presented in English with Russian subtitles

The Winter’s Tale
The Winter’s Tale
Director Declan Donnellan
Designer Nick Ormerod
Lighting Designer Judith Greenwood
Composer Paddy Cunneen
Movement Director Jane Gibson
Assistant Movement Director Elizabeth Ballinger
Assistant Director Marcus Roche
Casting Director Siobhan Bracke
Costume Supervisor Angie Burns
Company Manager Tim Speechley
Technical Director Simon Bourne
Technical Stage Manager Robin Turley Smith
Deputy Stage Manager Lou Ballard
Sound Fred Riding
Lighting David Salter
Wardrobe Manager Rebecca Rees
Performers Orlando James, Edward Sayer, Natalie Radmall-Quirke, Eleanor McLoughlin, Joy Richardson, Grace Andrews, David Carr, Ryan Donaldson, Sam Woolf, Peter Moreton, Sam McArdle, Joseph Black, Guy Hughes, Tom Cawte
We hear Shakespeare in the language of the original; we feel the inspired author’s magic poetry. We follow the text thanks to the surtitles so that the verses bestow unto us the unique style and the startling imagery, unpretentious and powerful at the same time
Le Figaro
Donnellan backs down on effect and sophisticated scenery in favor of the simple theatrical instruments that effectively turn the empty space into a cave inhabited by a hotchpotch of images created by the inventive mind, the viewers’ imagination and the exquisite acting techniques. The performers run, dance, join into choruses or, on the contrary, become embarrassed and withdraw into themselves. They are superb in the moments of grief and in the situations of joy, be it a rural or some other kind of festivity.
There are fourteen unique performers on stage. The ineffably exchange glances and hold hands. They are all inimitable in their ability to convey emotions. Here are twelve unique performers on stage. The ineffably exchange glances and hold hands. They are all inimitable in their ability to convey emotions.
Le Croix
Donnellan’s production was about loss, and by bringing out the loss of an unseen character in Bohemia, the production united its two halves emotionally. (...) The castwas uniformly phenomenal, bringing life to individual characters and individual set pieces. This was a production of extraordinary nuance.
Peter Kirwan, The Ubiversity of Nottingham blog
None of this prevents the performance fr om being joyous and gleesome, especially in the second, pastoral half wh ere the director gives himself over to the celebration that includes the family fete a la Kusturica, eccentric dances (soul, hard rock... and madison). Apart from the anachronisms and implausible gags, the viewers can’t help admiring the degree of the actors’ involvement. The shortest sally is acted out with maximum output.
Les Echos

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June 9,10
Voronezh Concert Hall
2 h 40 min with intermission