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After Anton Chekhov’s play «Three Sisters»



Setor De Áreas Isoladas (Brazil)

Director – Ada Luana

This production stems from a desire which must have been felt by each of us at least once – to obliterate and rewrite our past. Having taken Chekhov’s classic Three Sisters for a starting point, the company created a palimpsest, i.e. an old parchment whose text was scraped off to make room for a new one, but eventually traces of the old inscription survive. In a warm dialogue between theatre and music, four actresses and two musicians embark on writing a new version of the drama. Following the original, the new play explores how difficult it can be for a person to resist when one’s dreams, and then life itself, are ruined by merciless time.

Getting back to the drama of the Prozorov family, who dream of a return to Moscow, their paradise lost, but never start moving and gradually surrender to the circumstances, we come across issues ideally suitable for the present. The concept of a sketch suggested by the term palimpsest transcends this production, and allows for a dialogue between classics and modernity, actors and characters, invention and reality.

«This theme seemed accurate to us, it permits to speak from the stage about the problems which face us and the entire world. Every day we witness destruction of ideologies and failure of promises. Our wish was not to answer any questions suggested by Chekhov’s play, but rather ask them again here and now, and put them to the audience of today. How shall we live on? Should any steps be taken? How much room remains for our desires? Why is it so hard to stand fast? And why not go to Moscow?».

Ada Luana

October 1, 2, 3
«The School of Dramatic Art» Moscow Theatre (Meyerhold Stage on Novoslobodskaya str.)
Duration: 1 hour 35 minutes
Supported by:
Embassy of Brazil in Moscow